JenZingg_ImageJen is a gifted trainer, co-author and instructional designer.

She facilitates people-centered trainings with all levels of an organization, from new employees to those who manage others. Jen brings more than 15 years of Blanchard expertise in and passion for teaching and motivating people to lead at a higher level by doing what’s best for all involved. She is a Blanchard certified trainer in Student Self Leadership, SLII Express and Servant Leadership.

Jen creates an environment of organic learning where participants are doing most of the talking- therefore, most of the learning. Workshops are strategically planned so that people are up out of their seats, talking, writing, doing and presenting. Her flexible delivery method helps engage people during the training while they get real work accomplished.

Jen is also a co-author and master trainer with Blanchard Institute for the middle school, high school and college leadership programs. Her 27 years of teaching experience help her to connect with students and better prepare them for working with teachers, coaches, family, peers and the people who lead them in the workplace. Jen keeps students engaged through learning centered games, presentations, group work, partnering opportunities and movement. Students leave with real skills for leading themselves, collaborating with others, and a sense of responsibility for their own development.