Blanchard Institute and Resiliency Initiatives Roundtable

The Event

SAN DIEGO/Escondido, CA (February 19, 2015) — The Blanchard Institute hosted a round-table discussion for forward thinking, highly active and respected individuals in the student and education development space. This kicks off a series of round tables exploring the research, case studies and measured positive impact that building student resiliency has had over the last seven years. The event was hosted by Kevin Hammond from the Blanchard Institute and Dr. Wayne Hammond from Meritcore, who shared his research and specific examples of how students are measured and supported, and how building student resiliency produces a positive shift in risky behavior, test results, and relationships between teachers, students and parents. More than 600,000 students have gone through Dr. Hammond's process in the Canadian public school system. The series of three round-table discussions focus on Leadership, Resiliency and Trust and will occur throughout the spring and summer of 2015. Open to leaders in education and youth development related programs, the intent is to offer a venue for collaboration and exploring current thinking, strategies, and opportunities for creating more resilient students who can thrive in their educational ecosystems; locally and throughout the United States.


Guest Presenter: Dr. Wayne Hammond is the co-founder, and Chief Science Officer at Meritcore, and President and Executive Director with Resiliency Initiatives—a wholly owned subsidiary of Meriticore in Calgary, Alberta. Dr. Hammond holds an adjunct status with the School of Medicine at the University of Calgary. Over the past twenty-five years, he has worked primarily with high-risk youth and their families and is considered a leading authority on the concept of resilience and its implications for personal, academic and workplace success, as well as enhancing positive community development.

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