Student Self Leadership Program

Student Self Leadership developed by Ken Blanchard, Margie Blanchard, and Jennifer Zingg.

After more than 35 years of working with and training thousands of managers and employees in all types of businesses and organizations around the world, it became apparent to Ken and Margie that young people could benefit from self leadership and communication skills before they enter the workforce. The StudentSL program was created for students in middle school, high school, and college to help them be more successful in school, at home, and in their future workplace. Having skills like effective communication, goal setting, use of personal strengths, and problem-solving, provides students with a leg up in the job market. Managers report that their greatest challenge is employees not knowing how to solve everyday problems. Employees report that they don’t ask enough specific questions early on, because they don’t want their manager thinking less of them; so they wait until something becomes a problem before asking for guidance, and by then no one is happy.

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Out-of-School Time Programs

Our programs are a natural fit for out-of-school time programs when the school curriculum is saturated. We work with programs such as North County Baseball Academy and two First Tee locations in San Diego with more to come.

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The Middle School Program

Middle school students enrolled in Self Leadership learn that they need to ask for direction and support when they are learning a new task or skill. They also learn that it takes skill to work successfully with others while preparing themselves to make the transition from an elementary education to the demands of a secondary education in high school.

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High School Program

The Student Self-Leadership program for high school students is a valuable training resource to engage students during one of the most dynamic times in life. Students who participate in the program are not only better prepared to serve in Student Body Leadership, but they also greatly enhance their college application or first-time employment opportunities.

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College Program

The college self leadership program engages students to develop effective communication skills so that they understand how to ask for what they need in terms of direction or support when beginning a new goal or task. Students become more responsible for their own growth and development instead of waiting for someone to do things for them. Students begin to understand the differences in professional and personal communication styles and practice appropriate meeting behaviors, facilitation and presentation skills, and what it means to successfully lead oneself and others at a higher level.

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Cuyamaca Community College Leadership Academy