"Leading at a Higher Level" in Education

Ken Blanchard Spoke with San Bernardino Superintendents & Community Leaders

"Leading at a Higher Level": Bringing World-Class Leadership to Schools

California Schools Risk Management (CSRM) has partnered with Blanchard Institute to improve San Bernardino's status as one of the lowest ranking counties in California in education and per capita income. Ken Blanchard spoke on Leading at a Higher Level on April 21, 2017 at 9:00am. The event was attended by over 50 Superintendents and Community Leaders from San Bernardino!

"Educators have the most important job of anyone in society," said Ken Blanchard, co-founder, Blanchard Institute. "It is my life's mission to help develop leaders that influence our future. Our partnership with California Schools Risk Management provides world-class training to school leaders in the Inland Empire while building resiliency in students".  Resiliency is a learned life skill preparing individuals for uncertainties and life success. "We address the underlying beliefs, mindsets, and status quo that keep generating the same cycle of problems, no matter who our leaders are or what improvement programs we adopt," said Dr. Margie Blanchard, co-founder, Blanchard Institute.

Blanchard Institute is working with 25,000 students in 54 Schools in the High Desert and has trained 160 principals and school leaders on how to inspire their staff and teachers; how to connect and train students with life skills and how to break the cycle of poverty and victimhood by teaching them to make responsible choices.

"Blanchard's able to provide information to principals, teachers, and parents, as insight on students, such as types of support that may be needed from their teachers," said Dr. Karla Rhay, CEO, CSRM. "We're able to identify which students need help to prevent extreme and potentially dangerous behavior, e.g., suicide or violent crime. We know that students who are connected to their schools and teachers make better choices and lead safer lives."

CSRM provides property and liability insurance to 31 school districts in San Bernardino and Riverside. The organization supports school leaders and graduates future leaders to serve the Inland Empire and improve the safety of students.  As research from Dr. Wayne Hammond over 20 years and 600,000 students supports high student resiliency with higher graduation, increased attendance from students and teachers, reduction of crime and vandalism, and an increase in grades and schools' accountability ratings.

Blanchard and CSRM, serving the Inland Empire with a path for long-term student development of 21st Century Leaders.



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The event was attended by over 128 Superintendents and Principals!
We look forward to planning next steps with all those who are exploring building resiliency within their school cultures!
CLICK to see a recording of the LiveCast The presentation and Q&A session included the current research, case studies, and the measured positive impact that building student resiliency has had over the last seven years with over 600,000 students. Topics included:
  • The INCREASED EFFECTIVENESS as teachers and principals positively shifted the way they interact with colleagues, students, and parents—improving relations and school culture
  • REDUCING AT-RISK BEHAVIOR and bullying across school districts—resulting in increased attendance and test scores

Hosted by the Blanchard Institute, guest Presenters included:
Dr. Wayne Hammond (CSO, Meritcore and the Resiliency Initiative) shared his research and specific examples of how students are measured, supported, and produce a positive shift in risky behavior, test results, and improved relationships between teachers, students, and parents.
Dr. Cynthia Zurchin (Superintendent Ambridge Area School District,
Ambridge Pa.) Shared stories from her 30-year career in the field of education in urban and suburban schools and the development of an educational climate for the students, their families, educators and the community that ensured success. She also coauthored a book with trained life-coach Jim Ballard:
The Whale Done! School: Transforming a School's Culture by Catching Students Doing Things Right.


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