Cesar Chavez Middle School StudentSL Program

Rock climbing_kids with certificates

Cesar Chavez Middle School StudentSL Program

OCEANSIDE (June 9, 2017) - 30 at risk students with low GPA’s and/or behavioral problems from Cesar Chavez Middle School in Oceanside participated in a yearlong StudentSL course that was incorporated into their school curriculum by their teacher, Rhianna Johnson. The leadership program was so successful it resulted in a dramatic increase in grades, resilient self-leaders, greater confidence, good relationships between both their fellow students & their teachers, and a renewed excitement about school & their future.

Rock climbing_kid climbing

In celebration for all of their hard work, Blanchard Institute rewarded the students with an end of the year rock climbing party! The students used their newly acquired leadership skills to help everyone ascend to the top of the rock climbing walls.

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