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Leaving a leadership legacy for all to access

Blanchard Institute is the premier and preferred thought-leader, resource provider, and aggregator in leadership development, character building, and life-skills supported by resiliency research. Ken and Margie Blanchard’s leadership philosophy and principles have been embraced by corporate America’s leaders for more than 35 years. Now they have made it available through a public nonprofit organization to serve youth as well as new, and  seasoned, leaders in the education and non-profit business markets around the world.

Ken Blanchard is best known for coauthoring The One Minute Manager®, with Spencer Johnson, MD, which has sold more than 13 million copies worldwide, and still sells 10,000 copies every month; their revised edition of The New One Minute Manager was released in May 2015. With nearly three decades of helping leaders and organizations, Ken has more than 18 million books in print, programs offered in more than 12 languages, and clients across six continents.

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Researched, Relevant and Effective

We partner to fund and deliver well-researched, relevant, and effective leadership character-building experiences. See some of the companies we have partnered with.

Shifting Mindsets and Cultures

We enhance school and business cultures though measurements, improved communication skills, motivation, and self-reliance.

Experiential Learning

Individuals learn and synthesize concepts through experiential learning rather than simply listening, reading or writing. We provide instructional videos of more than 25 activities that engage learners and help retention.

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  • Dr. Margie Blanchard

    As founder of the Blanchard Institute, Dr. Blanchard has earned a...

  • Cathy Huett

    Cathy has had the privilege of working for The Ken...

  • Jen Zingg

    Jen is a gifted trainer, co-author and instructional designer. She facilitates...

  • Laurie Dotson

    Laurie Dotson is passionate about student leadership, photography, and graphic...

  • Lynn Villalobos

    Lynn Villalobos received her Bachelors in Accounting from San Diego...

  • Scott Blanchard

    Scott Blanchard is a proud Alumni of the Cornell School of...



To train and empower one million young leaders for personal and professional success!


To continue partnering with thought leaders to provide access to training, research, and development programs that build resiliency and resourcefulness in people everywhere.

Business Strategies

Our indirect business strategy is to leverage distribution through strategic partners in order to reach a greater population of students, staff, and education leaders. 

Our direct business strategy is to recruit Institute staff, volunteer and independent trainers, third party partners, and school and university staff to become certified trainers. 


Colleges, Universities, Nonprofit Youth Leadership Development Programs 

Middle and High Schools, Youth Camps, Private and Social Service Operations

Core Products

Student Self Leadership
SLII®—Making the Connection

Numerous Partner-licensed programs.

Financial Model

We generate revenue from fees for Leadership Development Training programs and services, and from donor contributions.


Student Self Leadership: Middle School, High School and College