Our Value

We partner with leadership thought-leaders who are making a visible impact on the lives of youth and adults in schools, colleges, out-of-school-time programs, and nonprofit organizations—providing leadership resources, research, and programming that may normally be considered financially out of reach.
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    Join others who are part of, or connected to, the educational space, and learn more about the research, projects, and case-specific implementations that are positively impacting schools, colleges, risk pools, and nonprofit organizations. Listen to and share with those professionals directly involved in measuring and positively impacting the lives of students through an ongoing curriculum.

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    Student Self Leadership

    Blanchard has been providing middle through high schools, colleges and out of school time programs, self leadership programming that helps instructors to identify and build specific life skills in students for over 15 years.

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    SLII®—Making the Connection

    Experience learning SLII® by connecting personally to your motivations, assumptions, and current state of how you lead others. This visual, introspective, discussion and discovery based training flips the traditional classroom and provides an interactive, first-hand opportunity to evaluate your leadership style, communication skills and ability to efficiently and effectively accomplish goals.

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    Student Self-Leadership: Middle School, High School and College